Cortland C16

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Cortland C16 Premium Hollow Core 16-Carrier Spliceable Braid.

This is the line that we use and trust for all our tuna fishing applications.

Exceptionally easy to splice giving anglers the advantage of seamless hollow core end loops for connecting casting wind-on leaders, strong seamless line-to-line splices and even direct splicing of leaders.

Cortland C16 is exceptionally strong, consistent, smooth, packs onto the reel well and casts superbly.

We utilize 80lb for the majority of our Tuna Casting applications with 18-20k size reels.

for our medium tackle outfits with 10-14k reels we employ the 60lb.

For our lighter tackle outfits with 8k reels we love the 40lb. Cortland C16 40lb with it's ultra high pick count is extremely smooth and casts exceptionally well. with an ABS (actual Breaking Strength) of approx 70lb we use this line confidently when targeting tuna in the sub 120lb class.

Our Giant Bluefin Tuna standup outfits consist of 30w-50w class reels spooled with C16 130lb. We connect directly to short fluorocarbon wind-on leaders and finish the setup with a BKK Monster Circle Drifting Special. Ultra simple, effective and fun!!    

The advantages of strong seamless line-to-line splices can never be overstated. The ability to top-up reels and replace damaged or worn line means we always hit the water with fully loaded spools and the utmost confidence in our line & connections.

Available in 600 yard Spools White