BKK SS Inline Heavy Circle

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The Ultimate live-bait hook for Striped Bass, Tarpon and Snook!!

Compliant with Striped Bass inline circle hook regulations.

With a perfectly inline design the BKK SS Inline Heavy Circle ensures a high hook up rate on the jaw or lip. The ultimate hook for Striped Bass fishing to support healthy catch & release.

Featuring a needle sharp point straight out of the package that is extremely durable and resists bending over or dulling ensuring perfect hook-ups fish after fish. 

The BKK SS Inline Heavy Circle has Super Slide hook coating which boosts the piercing speed, resulting in faster and smoother hook ups and also eases the sliding of live bait onto the hook.   

Sizes 5/0-7/0 suit smaller baits such as mackerel and Sardines. Sizes 8/0-10/0 are ideal for larger baits such as Pogie's and Mullet.

The BKK SS Inline Heavy Circle also has applications for anglers targeting sailfish with both live bait and dead pitch baits. Tournament-approved perfectly inline design!!