BKK Lone Sniper Inline Single

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If you're a fan of the BKK Lone Diablo then you will love the Lone Sniper!!

The BKK LONESNIPER is an inline single hook developed for freshwater and saltwater inshore applications. The hook design is inspired by the Lone Diablo and has been precisely fine tuned to optimize hook penetration and holding power with lighter class tackle.

BKK's Proprietary HCS (Hyper Carbon Steel) is 25% stronger and 30% harder than traditional high-carbon steels allowing the Lone Sniper to achieve outstanding strength in a lighter gauge hook. 

Featuring an ultra sharp needle point and SS (Super Slide) coating that provides cutting-edge sharpness and penetration performance. The hook shape maximizes the hookup rate and maintains the grip throughout the fight. 

The forged ring technology creates a slim section in the hook eye that makes putting on split rings easy and quick.

These are the ultimate upgrade and treble hook replacement for all your inshore lures for Striper, Albie, Snook, Tarpon etc. We love the 2/0 & 3/0 for our Striped bass topwater and minnow lures. The size #1 is the ultimate upgrade for your Albie casting metals and epoxies!!