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NEW!!! The Extra Long Assist Cord version of the DEEP-SF

The Ultimate Assist Hook for targeting Monster Bluefin Tuna on the Jig!!!

Ideally suited for longer style jigs and for anglers seeking the added assurance of extra length assist cord to prevent Chafe offs on big fish.

The Ultimate cutting-edge Jigging Assist hook for Tuna and Sea Monsters!! 

The SF-DEEP comes pre-tied with BKK's high quality hollow core cord made of four strands interwoven into a strong and flexible assist line and a stainless steel solid ring achieving unmatched holding power to handle massive fish.

Hand tied with glow thread to enhance attractiveness in deep and dark water conditions.

BKK's Innovative Hand Ground Point technology for razor sharpness and superior penetration. 

Special "two-stage" hook point technology to achieve superior durability and toughness.

The BKK SF-DEEP combines the strongest high carbon steel and superior heat treatment for incredible strength and elasticity. The flattened hook body and extra-light materials combine toughness with lightness.

Micro Ring design. The hook eye has been welded for robustness and ground & polished to create a streamlined abrasion reducing connection point for assist cord.

Bright tin high corrosion resistance coating for enhanced durability.