Siren Lures Bolt 160: Midnight Soiree

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160mm 96g Horizontal Level Sinking

A fast sinking stickbait, compact and dense with outstanding casting performance.

Sinks horizontally with a quivering flutter. The Bolt 160 is very versatile in its applications. Work slowly with twitches, sweeps and long pauses for a deeper presentation. Burn with rod twitches to create an erratic darting action just below the surface.

This lure has been designed to rig simply with just a single on the tail facilitating high retention hookups as well as aiding in the safe and easy catch & release of gamefish.

The Bolt 160 has earned itself an enviable track record on the Cape Cod Bluefin grounds and is equally at home performing as a medium tackle tropical allrounder.  



BKK Lone Diablo inline single 7/0